Wait, What?

Do you own (or have access to) one of the following gliders?

Jantar Standard 3
Jantar Standard 2
Jantar Standard (SZD-41A)
LS1 (A,B,C,D,F)
Standard Cirrus
Open Libelle
Standard Libelle
Astir CS
Astir CS 77

If so, we have a brand new competition for you this season, based in NSW.

The contest is called “Formula 1.0“, as it revolves around the Club Class Handicap of 1.0, allowing a bracket either side. See list on this facebook page for eligible gliders.

To account for the small variability in the handicaps, the high performing aircraft will be required to go closer to the turnpoints than the lower performing aircraft. As an example, a Jantar Std 2 might have to go to within 500 metres of a turnpoint, but a Standard Libelle might only have to go to within 4km.

As it is a Grand Prix format competition, the start line opens at a pre-determined time, and nominally the first to cross the finish line wins the day. There would of course be some verification after to fact to ensure than aircraft have rounded turnpoints, but aside from this there is very little scope for applying penalties. To avoid penalising for low finishes, those who are suitably rated should be able to complete competition finishes in a safe and predictable manner.

The idea would not be to use the whole day, but to fly in the best part of the weather, encouraging racing.